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INFOSEK DELAVNICA 1: Palsit Pen Testing Seminar & Certifications

Datum: 29.11.2017 | Nova Gorica

Palsit Pen Testing Seminar & Certifications

Michael Stout, Nemsec


The Palsit Pen Testing Seminar is for IT professionals who have an understanding of ethical hacking and want toformalize their skills with a penetration testing certification.

By completing the Palsit PTS, participates will qualify to take the Palsit Certified Information Security Assessor (Level 1) and Palsit Certified Metasploit Pen Tester (Level 2) exams held at the end of the day. 

The Palsit certifications demonstrate your knowledge of security assessments and that you have the skills necessary to perform an internal penetration test with Metasploit or audit the results of other penetration testers.

The Palsit Pen Testing Seminar is ideal for directors and managers who are responsible for an organization's information systems and security. 
By the end of the seminar, IT Directors and Managers should have the confidence to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests with Metasploit on their internal systems.
Information Security Directors and Managers will gain the knowledge to confidently audit penetration testing reports performed by third-parties and interpret the results. With clear insight into their cyber security, directors and managers can allocate resources in a way to maximise risk mitigation and budget.

• An understanding of the Windows Operating System
• Understanding of networking and TCP/IP fundamentals
• Basic Linux knowledge (starting a GUI and finding a Terminal is enough)
• Laptop and a long ethernet cable

Laptop Minimums
As this is a FAST PACED and HANDS ON seminar and participants must have their machines ready to go at the start of class. Participants should bring a laptop meeting the following specifications.
• Windows 7 or above
• i5 Processor
• 8Gb RAM
• 50Gb HDD Space
• VMware Player (other virtualization software is at the user's risk)

Other setup information will be made available to the participants one week before
the event at http://nemsec.eu/palsit.

Course Outline

  • Lecture - There will be a general overview of basic hacking concepts to bring everyone up to speed before starting the hands-on advanced skill training.
  • Hands on - The instructor will lead the class through step-by-step exercises using professional open source tools to simulate an actual penetration test.
  • Report Writing - The instructor will provide a pen testing template and instruction on how to complete a penetration testing report. (advised for Level 2 certification)
  • Hacking Challenge - The Hacking Challenge will present a virtual target for participants to test their skills and knowledge of the pen testing methodology. (optional those interested and required for Level 2 certification)
  • Written Exam - The instructor will proctor the written exam at the end of class. (optional for Level 1 and Level 2 certification)

    Note the written exam (Level 1) follows the hacking challenge (Level 2). By giving
    participants the opportunity to try the theory before being tested. Both exams are
    optional and not required for full participation in the course.

The Hacking Methodology
The Hands-on component is 10/90% lecture/lab. It is fast-paced and modular.
• Reconnaissance
• Vulnerability Analysis
• Threat Modelling
• Exploitation
• Owning
• Reporting

Some of the tools used in the course include
• Nessus
• Metasploit
• And others

Certification Levels
All participants received a Palsit Pen Testing Seminar certificate of attendance
There are two possible advanced certifications: Palsit Certified Information Security Assessor (Level 1) and Palsit Certified Metasploit Pen Tester (Level 2)

To achieve the Palsit Certified Information Security Assessor (Level 1) certification, participants must complete a 50 question (100 points) short answer and multiple choice exam in 60 minutes and achieve an 80% pass mark. Results will be available before the end of the conference. As a Level 1 certification, this is tests the participant's theoretical knowledge and understanding of penetration testing.

The Palsit Certified Metasploit Pen Tester (Level 2) certification tests the participant's technical skills and ability to perform a simple penetration test and report the results to stake holders. To achieve the Level 2 certification, participants must complete a simulated penetration test and submit a report by 8 December 2017; results will be emailed by Palsit by 12 December 2017.

All participants are welcome to attempt each certification and encouraged to do so.

The presenter of the seminar is Michael Stout. Originally from California, Michael is an internationally focused cyber security professional based in London. He is a regular speaker at information security conferences and has authored numerous articles on cyber security. With over 30 years of hacking experience, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and mentoring others as they pursue careers in information security. His lectures are both educational and entertaining, and his goal is to promote cyber security and make it an everyday part of your business culture.

Date: 29.11.2017, 8.30-18.00 (two 15-minute coffee break, 1 hour for lunch)

Price:  297 € + 22% VAT

Stališča, ki so predstavljena v prezentacijah, so stališča avtorja in ne organizacije, iz katere avtor prihaja niti organizacije, ki dogodek organizira.

Cena: 297,00 EUR + 22% DDV
Kotizacijo prosim poravnajte najkasneje 7 dni po prijavi na TRR: 02241-0090950979. Brez poravnane kotizacije v celoti vstop v dvorano ne bo mogoč. Skrajni rok za morebitno (pisno) odpoved je 14 dni pred izobraževanjem. Če se boste odjavili po tem roku, vam bomo zaračunali administrativne stroške (70% kotizacije), za odjavo teden dni pred dogodkom pa kotizacija zapade v celoti.


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